Lighting Artist MAYA *Create atmospheric intense lighting for a superb horror title*

Does your dream job feel a little illusive, nothing more than an Urban Legend? Is your manager a Nightmare (On Elmstreet)? Do you feel your creativity and innovation are being stifled to the point you want to Scream? We are currently looking for a talented and experienced lighting artist skilled in Maya to join a superb independent developer, as soon as possible and definitely before Friday 13th.

All Pre-Adolescent Horror flick references aside; since their establishment several years ago, this independent developer have, through careful and sustained growth, grown to a team in excess of 100 and have worked on a number of widely respected cross platform titles. Currently they are working on several PlayStation projects all at varying stages of development. They are looking to recruit a talented artist responsible for creating truly superb lighting that steers the player through the gameplay spaces and emphasise significant moments.


• Must have at least one published title to your credit (obtained in a similar capacity
• A good working Knowledge of Maya & Photoshop
• Good comprehension of composition & the ability to heighten the mood through lighting
• Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
• Passion for video games

I Know What You Did Last Summer – but if you could send me an up-to-date CV that would be great!

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Int’l: + 44 1473 833555
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**Please note, all communications are in the strictest of confidence and your details will never be shared with a 3rd party without your prior consent**

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