Arthur Darvill on Joining DC’s Legends of Tomorrow After Doctor Who

Before Arthur Darvill took on the role as Rip Hunter, the time-traveling leader of the Legends of Tomorrow, he was best known for playing the character Rory Hunter on Doctor Who.

As the Companion of Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor, Darvill’s character would be taken along for adventures through time and space, but as Rip on The CW’s new DC drama, he is leading the charge. IGN spoke with Darvill about taking on a role that on the surface sounds very similar to The Doctor, and about finding his place within a new show based on a fan-favorite property.

IGN: I am a big Doctor Who fan, and when I found out you were cast, I was like, “Arthur is over of being a Companion. He’s ready to be the Doctor now.” Was that any of the sentiment for you?

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