Why Caity Lotz Likes Legends of Tomorrow’s ‘Very Different’ Sara Lance

The Sara Lance who Caity Lotz is playing on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow already feels like a step away from the character who she portrayed on The CW’s Arrow.

Ever since she was introduced as a full-fledged character in Season 2 of Arrow, Sara has gone through the storytelling gamut. She even died in Season 3 of the series before being brought back to life via the Lazarus Pit earlier in Season 4.

The pilot for Legends of Tomorrow shows Sara ready to strike out on her own journey, and already she’s shown a lighter, more carefree side of herself than viewers saw on Arrow. With Sara playing a more central role on this new The CW spinoff of Arrow and The Flash, audiences can expect to get to know a whole new side of Lotz’s character.

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