Winning Putt Is…A Golf RPG?

For every time I successfully chipped onto the green, or sunk a 15 foot putt, I had missed the same shot a dozen times before. I failed over and over in my hands-on time with Winning Putt, but I couldn’t stop playing.

Winning Putt is an interesting new take on the sports genre. It’s a free-to-play golf game that impressively attempts to meld classic, timing-based golf gameplay, with RPG and MMO elements. I’ll have to admit: at first, I was pretty confused by the concept, but the more I got to see it in action, the more I was sold on the idea.

Without solid core gameplay as a backbone, the extra bits wouldn’t mean very much, though. The first thing I noticed during my few hours with Winning Putt was that the importance of timing cannot be overstated. If you’ve ever played a golf game, you should be familiar with the timing bar. Press a button to start the swing (the bar starts filling up), press the button again to determine how much power you want to hit the ball with (the bar will stop filling up and then head back where it came from), and then press it a third time to determine the accuracy. If your accuracy is exactly where it should be, you’ll be rewarded with a “nice shot” that will end up precisely where you were aiming.

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