How The Division Will Avoid the Let-downs of Destiny 1.0

In the lead-up to Destiny, the rhetoric around the upcoming Bungie title was, well, garbled. Bungie didn’t want to call it an MMO, but nor was it a straight shooter or an online RPG. It was both solo and co-op, but it also had a competitive environment. In retrospect, this lack of clarity was most likely because there wasn’t an easy way to label the game: calling it any one of those things sold Destiny short on the breadth of other genres which were part of the game’s DNA.

Destiny 1.0, or Destiny Year One as it’s otherwise known, ultimately proved to be a victim of its hype. While it certainly fused first-person shooter, RPG, open-world, co-op, competitive and MMO-lite genres into a single package, the sum of its parts wasn’t particularly strong. While that’s been addressed to a certain extent with Destiny 2.0, aka The Taken King expansion, the gripes with launch Destiny have paved the way for other titles looking to enter the new sub-sub-sub-genre Bungie’s ambitious game created to easily differentiate.

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