Black Sails: How to Slay Nassau

Black Sails: Season 3 continues Saturday night, as Woodes Rogers arrives in Nassau, determined to end piracy for good.

IGN has an exclusive clip from the new episode, as Eleanor (Hannah New) gives Rogers (Luke Roberts) a lesson on just how out of his element he will be in Nassau, and how she can be crucial in helping him.

Check out the clip below!

“Woodes Rogers is an adventurer. A privateer. A man who has circled the world conquering different areas, winning gold, fighting,” says Black Sails executive producer Dan Shotz. “But now he wants to conquer the thing that is unconquerable. He wants to conquer Nassau. He wants to be the guy that everybody remembers has come to Nassau, and has neutered the pirates, put them down, and reclaimed Nassau for England.”

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