EA May Have Outed Xbox One Sales Figures

It appears Electronic Arts may have unintentionally revealed how many Xbox One consoles have sold through 2015.

In EA’s Q3 financial report for the fiscal year of 2016, CFO Blake Jorgensen commented on console sales and stated EA estimates 55 million units have sold between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“As I said, we have a level of conservatism about just the global economy, which at some point in time, there’s trouble in the global economy that would impact everybody probably. I think our business seems to be operating pretty consistently, as it has been over the last couple of years. The console purchases up through the end of calendar year 2015, our estimate is 55 million units out there, which has exceeded virtually everyone’s forecast for the year, and is now almost 50% higher than the previous console cycle,” Jorgensen said.

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