Hearthstone: Designing Reno and the Golden Monkey

Hearthstone’s newest adventure – The League of Explorers – introduced 45 new cards to the game, but it has been the legendary cards in that set, that have had the biggest impact on how Hearthstone is played. Reno Jackson, in particular, has created all new archetypes and significantly altered the pace of gameplay. I caught up with Hearthstone’s Senior Game Designer Ben Brode and Associate Designer Dean Ayala to chat about the process of designing those cards.

IGN: The League of Explorers’ legendary cards have had a big impact on the way Hearthstone is played – it’s an incredibly strong set. I want to go through them card by card, but first of all, from a broader perspective when you were starting the design process, did you have any particular character archetypes in mind that specifically fit the League of Explorers pulp adventure theme? In other words, did you start with the flavour of the legendaries first or the abilities?

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