Meet CoolGames Inc, a podcast that brings your genius game ideas to life

Here’s something I’m very excited to announce: a weekly comedy podcast right here on Polygon from myself and Griffin McElroy! It’s called CoolGames Inc, it’s very dumb, and we hope you subscribe on iTunes.

Here’s the pitch: each Friday, Griffin and I take your one-line ideas for video games turn one of them into a full-blown, idiotic design doc, all before bringing on a special guest to evaluate our work. It’s stupid, but it’s a lot of fun, and we think you’ll enjoy it.

In our first episode, we explore the harrowing world of Grandma Wants It Al Dente, the world’s first SmartGlass-enabled pasta roguelike.

Links to subscribe to CoolGames, Inc. in iTunes, your podcast player of choice or to download an MP3 are all a click away, tucked…

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