Only 5% of Developers Working On a Wii U Game, Survey Says

The Game Developers Conference has released its State of the Industry Report, laying out development trends ahead of its annual conference. Survey says that PC games are in, and Wii U is out.

PC games continue to lead the industry, with 52 percent of surveyed developers working on PC games. They’re followed closely by mobile, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One rounding out the stats. PlayStation 4 is the only console to have increased its development numbers since last year, though only by a few percent.

Developer interest in Nintendo platforms, the GDC survey says, has been declining. Just 5 percent of developers surveyed are working on Wii U titles, with 3 percent bringing a game to the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo NX fairs even worse, with less than 1 percent of respondents working on a game for the unannounced platform.

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