Check Out New High-Res Images of Final Fantasy 15

Following today’s Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report presentation, Square Enix released new, high-resolution art showcasing the in-development game.

One highlight character, both from the art and the new stealth gameplay was a mysterious, character who attacks the main character at the end of the demo. Square Enix provided the following background on the character: “A mysterious beauty catches Noctis in a sudden ambush. This is Aranea Highwind, commander of Niflheim’s Third Army Corps 87th Airborne Division. She is a skilled aerial combatant, known as ‘Dragoon’ within the Imperial military.”

We’ll learn more about the game, including its release date, during an event coming up this March.

During the demo, the developers showed off Final Fantasy XV’s stealth combat mechanics, which you can check out in the video below.

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