BioWare Veteran Joins Baldur’s Gate Developer

A few weeks ago, Dragon Age and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic writer David Gaider announced his departure from BioWare after nearly two decades with the company. Today, it was announced that he’s joined Canadian developer Beamdog, the studio behind Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition.

“We’re very pleased to welcome David Gaider to the company as our new creative director,” Beamdog said in a statement. “Originally we advertised for the position of senior writer, but when David contacted [Beamdog founder Trent Oster] about the position, we upgraded the role. He brings 17 years of experience to our little team and we couldn’t be happier to work with him. David will lead the writing team and direct new creative endeavors for the company.”

In 2015, Gaider left the Dragon Age team last year to work on a secret BioWare game. At the end of January this year, Gaider announced that he was leaving BioWare altogether.

Beamdog is currently working on Baldur’s Gate: Siege of the Dragonspear for release this year. However, it is not immediately clear if Gaider is working on this game or something else in his new role as creative director. We’ll have more details about his role as they become available.

At BioWare, Gaider worked on Baldur’s Gate 2, so fans may be happy to learn he could be involved with the future of the series at Beamdog.

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