Black Ops 3 Gets Black Market Update with Three New Guns

Call of Duty: Black Ops III’s next Black Market update is introducing three new guns, two new melee weapons, and 18 new specialist themes.

The three new weapons are the MX Garand Assault Rifle, Marshal 18 Shotgun-Pistol, and NX Shadow Claw Crossbow. The MX Garand “looks vintage,” but has a few “modern upgrades.” Perfect for getting up-close, the Marshal 18 Shotgun-Pistol is “like a warm hug,” while the Shadow Claw Crossbow is silent and very deadly.

Players can trade earned cryptokeys for supply drops, of which there are two options. Ten cryptokeys earns players a common supply drop, and 30 opens a rare one. Each supply drop grants a player three items of one of four rarities—common, rare, legendary, or epic. Players can also get supply drops using Call of Duty points, Black Ops’ in-game currency that can be bought using real money.

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