Blizzard CEO: ‘Development and eSports are now the same thing’

Blizzard CEO: 'Development and eSports are now the same thing'

Fostering a competitive community around your game is key to its long-term success, the co-founder of Blizzard has argued.

The StarCraft, World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm outlet turns 25 this year, and CEO Mike Morhaime commented upon its continuing impact upon the inception and growth of the eSports sector.

“We’re at a stage where you can’t really distinguish eSports from game development anymore,” he told VentureBeat.

“If you’re going to create a competitive game and it’s going to be popular, you have to have an eSports ecosystem around the game. For us, it’s all part of delivering an epic entertainment experience for our players. It’s a key part of our strategy going forward.”

Morhaime went on to discuss the growing accessibility of pro-gaming to a wider audience, including the need to attract more female competitors to tournaments.

“We try to make games that are accessible to a wider audience,” he responded. “You can hopefully use a Blizzard game as an entry point into a genre.

“As we’re able to expand and reach a more diverse audience, you’ll automatically see a more diverse group of people entering eSports.”

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