Metal Gear Solid 5 Online Changes to Health and Damage Detailed

The Phantom Pain‘s Metal Gear Online will see some changes in its next update, most notably to health and damage. Konami took to its blog to explain how the changes would affect gameplay in the multiplayer shooter.

Konami said that instead of relying on fast reflexes to win battles, it wants players to be able to triumph over others by improving the damage of “a well-placed shot.” The company is working towards delivering that with the next update.

Camera sway currently affects players when getting shot. It pushes the affected player’s aim to the side, making it harder for them to react to oncoming fire. However, the sway will be reduced in the March update, allowing the player to aim more accurately and potentially land a headshot to defend themselves.

Certain weapons are also receiving damage adjustments. All submachine guns, assault rifles, machine guns, and lethal launchers will have their damage reduced; on the other hand, the S1000, Kabarga-83, AM D114, Geist P3, and Uragan-G will be treated to increased damage. There will be no significant change to headshot damage.

Lethal launchers, such as the Serval AMR-7, see the biggest change. It will be less likely to kill an opponent with a single shot if you’re at too far of a distance. You can see this demonstrated in a small video on Konami’s website.

The update is scheduled to release in March.

The upcoming DLC, Cloaked in Silence, will also release in March and will include three new maps, a new character, and a new action system.

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