‘I am a radicalised goat hell-bent on jihad’ – the FBI’s new anti-Isis video game

As part of its attempts to counter online radicalisation, the agency has come up with Slippery Slope – a sort of anti-extremist Flappy Bird

I’m a susceptible goat speeding down the path to Islamic extremism, but first I must negotiate the green-and-grey blocks of infidel propaganda. No, wait; I’m a radicalised goat, hell-bent on jihad, but my extremist beliefs are threatened by green-and-grey blocks of debate. Or could it be that I’m trying to master the FBI’s virtually unplayable – it’s almost as infuriating as Flappy Bird – new online anti-extremism game, which involves manoeuvring a wayward goat through a sub-Minecraft-style obstacle course whose metaphorical intent is all but unfathomable?

The game, entitled Slippery Slope, is supposed to educate impressionable kids on “the distorted logic of blame that can lead a person into violent extremism”, but it’s also indicative of how clueless governments can be when it comes to reaching out to the kids. Slippery Slope is part of an online initiative launched by the FBI called Don’t Be a Puppet: Pull Back the Curtain on Violent Extremism, which uses games and quizzes to inform young people about radicalisation.

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