Battlefield Hardline’s Last DLC Brings a Sword, Maps, and a Gun Bench

Electronic Arts has offered the first details on the last of the three DLC packs announced for Battlefield Hardline, and it largely brings with it something new in addition to the expected maps, guns, and vehicles.

The Betrayal DLC adds four “intricate” maps: Alcatraz, Cemetery, Chinatown, and Thin Ice. Two of these–we can safely assume Alcatraz and Chinatown–can be seen in the images above.

Other components of the Betrayal DLC include seven new weapons, two new vehicles, new assignments, and new legendary weapon camos. No specifics were offered about any of this, but the Chinatown image above suggests swords (you know, typical cops-versus-robbers weapons) are coming.

There’s also a new feature in the gun bench. This allows you to to “customize primary weapons and uniforms” before testing them at the gun range.

Whether you pick up the DLC or not (it’s a part of the season pass and will be sold on its own), everyone will be getting new content when it’s released. 11 new weapons, as well as new server presets, are set to be released as part of a free update. Additionally, Gold Battlepacks will be modified so that they have chance to grant a weapon license voucher, instantly unlocking a full weapon license.

Betrayal is slated for release sometime in March. More details on the free update’s “stability and usability improvements” will be announced when EA releases the patch notes in the coming weeks.

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