Forge Creator Made Rocket League in Halo 5

You don’t have to wait any longer to play Rocket League on Xbox One, as long as you’re cool playing a rendition in Halo 5, at least.

Forge creator TurbTastic’s Halo 5 version of Rocket League uses Ghosts—not cars—to push the soccer ball around the map.

Two versions are available: small, for two to six players with one ball, or large, for eight to 16 players and three balls. TurbTastic notes that the game isn’t perfect. He wanted to use Scout Warthogs in place of Ghosts, by they tended to “traverse the soccer ball,” rather than push it along. There’s a chance your ghost could flip if you push the ball at full boost, but the creator recommends ramming it “once or twice to get its speed built up,” then start pushing with full boost.

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