Homefront: The Revolution Beta Giveaway!

GameSpot is giving away a ton of keys for Homefront: The Revolution!

Homefront: The Revolution throws players into an alternate near-future dystopia, where a humanitarian crisis has brought the U.S. to its knees under the brutal military control of a globally dominant Korean corporation. Surveillance drones, armored patrols and police violence have become every-day life in Philadelphia, the once proud birthplace of American independence. However, in the ruined outskirts of the city, resistance is getting stronger…

On their path to freedom, players have to fight a seemingly unwinnable guerrilla war against a superior military force. Using hit and run tactics, ambushes and infiltration, the resistance relies on surprise attacks and an arsenal of improvised weapons to throw back the oppressors and spread the flame of revolution.

The beta starts February 11th at 11 AM PST (2 PM EST, 7 PM GMT, 8 PM CET) and ends Sunday, February 14th at 3 AM EST, 8 AM GMT, 9 AM CET).

Make sure you check your email for your beta code!

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