How to Improve XCOM 2 Performance and (Maybe) Skip the Long Post-Mission Load

Despite being developed exclusively for PC, XCOM 2 isn’t without its fair share of technical problems. Publisher 2K Games is aware and working to resolve these issues, but in the meantime, there are certain things you can do that might help to get the game running better.

Even for those with high-end computers, XCOM 2’s performance isn’t as smooth as it could be. Places like Reddit and Steam are full of possible fixes. While the heavy-handed approach of lowering all graphical settings can help, Rock, Paper, Shotgun has compiled a list of specific settings that can help more than most. These include disabling anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, and screen space reflections. You might also want to try disabling vertical sync and frame rate smoothing, and instead use the v-sync option offered by your graphics card.

None of that is terribly surprising, but one issue–extremely long load times during the flight following a mission–has a potential fix that is downright bizarre. As a number of players have discovered, pressing the Caps Lock key on your keyboard can not just reduce these load times, but outright eliminate them. This doesn’t work for everyone, but many players have found that it seemingly skips the load time, instantly allowing you to press a button to continue.

2K and developer Firaxis haven’t offered a timeline for when performances fixes might be coming. The game launched on February 5 to a good deal of acclaim, earning a 9 in GameSpot’s review. The modding scene has been busy; along with things like new weapons and enemies, there are also others that make the game easier, improve the camera, and reduce the amount of downtime there is between actions.

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