XCOM 2’s Technical Issues Are Being Investigated

XCOM 2 publisher 2K Games has addressed concerns regarding performance issues in its PC strategy game, and assured players it is both looking into them and will continue to support the game with updates.

“We are aware some players have experienced performance issues while playng XCOM 2,” community manager Dave Hinkle said on the 2K forums. “We are looking into them and gathering more information from users.

“We want everyone to have the best experience possible, and will continue supporting the title with upcoming patches.”

Since its launch on February 5, players have reported drops in framerate, stutters, and stalls, particularly during cinematic moments or when the camera moves around the battlefield.

In the mean time, 2K has referred players to FAQ on common issues. Take a look at it here.

In GameSpot’s XCOM 2 review Mike Mahardy noted there were “some performance issues during cinematic moments.” These problems weren’t severe enough to impact the overall experience, however, and the sequel earned a 9/10.

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