8-Bit Five Nights at Freddy Sets Are Blocky, Unsettling

McFarlane Toys announced its new line of Five Nights at Freddy’s toys inspired by the blocky, retro look of the mini-games hidden in the series.

There are 8 figures in all, sold as individual sets. Depending on the figure, they range in size from 2.5 to 4-inches tall, and collecting the whole series then opens up the chance to build a “bonus” figure, the Golden Freddy.

Each “blind bag” isn’t actually blind, as the contents of each package are printed on the front of the bag for an “easy collecting” experience, according to McFarlane Toys.

The sets are scheduled to arrive in the fall for $3 a pop, but if you happen to be at the New York Toy Fair, you can see the mildly disturbing block figures at the McFarlane Toys booth. A Five Nights at Freddy’s Backstage Construction set is also being shown off at NYTF.

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