GTA 5’s New “Till Death Do Us Part” Mode Arrives, Here’s How It Works

As part of Grand Theft Auto V‘s Valentine’s Day event, a new adversary mode is available starting today for GTA Online, the game’s multiplayer mode. It’s called Till Death Do Us Part and it challenges teams to take part in the “ultimate quadruple date.”

Here’s how it works: teams of two go head-to-head with up to three other teams of pairs. Each couple has one life to share between them. If one player dies, their partner “takes their own life in dramatic fashion,” Rockstar said on its website.

We’re not exactly sure what that means, but when we learn more, we’ll add those details here.

In addition, you are encouraged to stay close to your partner. Do that and you’ll receive health regeneration bonuses. “So get cozy,” Rockstar said.

Till Death Do Us Part is available in five “romantic” locations across GTA Online, though these were not named outright. You can jump into the new mode from the Adversary Mode section of GTA Online’s pause menu.

Finally, Rockstar said it will have more information to share later today regarding bonuses for playing Till Death Do Us Part and new information about what GTA Online will have in store for players this weekend “and beyond.” Check back with GameSpot later for more.

Till Death Do Us Part is just one piece of GTA V’s Valentine’s Day event, Be My Valentine. For more on the new items available with it, check out GameSpot’s previous coverage.

GTA V isn’t the only high-profile game celebrating Valentine’s Day. Just this week, Destiny‘s “Crimson Days” event rolled out; you can see the full patch notes for that update here.

In other news about GTA Online, the mode recently enjoyed its best week ever in terms of revenue and the number of people playing it. That could explain why GTA V single-player DLC is nowhere to be seen.

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