Halo 5 Goes “Hot ‘n Heavy” With Doubles Playlist for Valentine’s Day

Destiny and Grand Theft Auto V aren’t the only big-name games celebrating Valentine’s Day with special in-game events. Halo 5: Guardians is marking the day with a playlist dubbed “Valentine’s Double Date.”

As its name suggests, this is a 2v2 playlist with matches played on custom maps adored with hearts. Additionally, the color palette of the maps has been adjusted to include more pink, because that’s the color of love or something. The gametype is Slayer and you’ll start with a Halo 2-era Battle Rifle.

When you boot up Halo 5, you’ll see the message above informing you of the new playlist. You can click through the images in the gallery to see some shots of the custom maps.

“Grab a friend and take your relationship to the next level with some hot ‘n heavy 2v2 action,” 343 said.

343 didn’t say how long this playlist will be available, but we’d imagine it’ll run through at least Sunday, February 14, which is Valentine’s Day.

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