Halo 5 Maps Gets Valentine’s Day Theme

Halo 5: Guardians is looking to heat up Valentine’s Day with its themed playlist.

The new playlist is called Valentine’s Double Date, and with it, 343 Industries asks players to “take

relationship to the next level” with some “hot ‘n heavy” 2v2 action. To access the new playlist, just boot up Halo 5 and head into the Arena multiplayer.

The playlist compiles a few custom maps colored pink and decorated with hearts. The 2v2 Slayer game type brings back Halo 2 Battle Rifles as a starting weapon.

If Halo’s not your thing, a couple other games are setting up for a romantic weekend. Destiny recently launched its Crimson Days event, adding Crimson Doubles as a new gameplay mode, and Grand Theft Auto launched its Till Death Do Us Part Adversary mode as part of Rockstar’s Be My Valentine event.

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