Black Sails: The Importance of Blackbeard to Vane

Zach McGowan is quite a presence on TV these days. The actor can currently be seen in Season 3 of Starz’ Black Sails, as his character, Charles Vane, finds himself wanted dead or alive, and back in contact with his old mentor – Edward Teach, AKA Blackbeard (Ray Stevenson).

In addition, McGowan has a recurring role on the CW’s The 100 this year, as Roan – who just had one hell of a fight scene in this week’s episode.

I recently sat down with McGowan to talk about how things have changed for Vane on Black Sails, the importance of characters like Jack Rackham and Blackbeard to him and more.

We also chatted a bit about The 100 and that aforementioned fight scene he had with Lexa this past week (you may have seen some of these quotes in an earlier piece about that fight specifically).

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