Destiny Dev Admits Drop Rate for New Item Too Low

Some of the special rewards for Destiny‘s new Crimson Doubles multiplayer mode are Ghost Shells that can go as high as 320 Light level. Now that the mode has been available for a few days, players have reported that the drop rate for this item has been too low. In a statement on its website, developer Bungie said it agrees and is planning a fix that make things right. This includes, among other things, a 320 Light guarantee for the Ghost Shells.

As explained on Bungie’s website, the upcoming patch will make these changes (written by Bungie):

  • After the event is over, we’ll deliver Ghosts to the Postmaster
  • Anyone who has competed in seven matches will receive one
  • You had to actually compete though – no suicide pacts!
  • Your Ghost will be Chocolate or Crimson – the odds are even
  • 320 Light will be guaranteed – the odds are totally in your favor
  • Packages will be addressed by account, not character
  • Qualifying players will receive their Ghost by February 23

To qualify for the Ghost reward, you’ll need to play seven matches. If you’ve already done that, you’re all set. It’s not too late to earn the item, either, as Crimson Doubles will be available through February 16.

Other rewards include new shaders and an emblem, which is earned through a quest.

Also as part of the Valentine’s Day event, there are new emotes for sale for a limited time, including a fist bump, and a new item called Crimsons Candy. When consumed, this causes all members of the player’s fireteam to earn additional experience with their equipped weapons for 30 minutes..

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