New World War 2 Xbox/PS4/PC Game Passes Funding Milestone

With more than two weeks still to go in its Kickstarter funding campaign, new console and PC World War 2 shooter Battalion 1944 has passed $300,000 in funding. The game was a quick success on Kickstarter, having raised its initial target of £100,000 ($142,000) after just two days.

At press time, funding stands at around £215,728 ($307,579) from more than 7,000 backers. Developer Bulkhead Interactive already spent £100,000 ($145,000) of its own money to get the game off the ground

With Battalion 1944 now well above its initial funding target, fans may be wondering about stretch goals. None were announced when the campaign began, and though Bulkhead has teased they will be “awesome,” we still don’t know anything more specific–but that could change soon.

“Stretch goals are just around the corner,” the developer said in a Kickstarter update. “We’ve had them planned for a while, and we’re sticking to our original plan. We don’t do empty promises at Bulkhead; which is why we are working on in-game assets to show you all exactly what we’re working towards before we announce all of Battalion 1944’s stretch goals.”

You can guarantee yourself a copy of the game, which is expected to launch in May 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, by pledging at least £15 ($21). Head to the Kickstarter page to see all of the other pledge tiers and rewards.

The multiplayer shooter aims to capture the “core of classic multiplayer shooters” while using the “most advanced industry technology.” You can see some early gameplay footage here or check out some images in the gallery below.

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