Star Wars Samurai Figures Showcased at Toy Fair

Tamashii Nations showcased its stunning line of “Movie Realization” Star Wars samurai figures this weekend at New York Toy fair.

The figures on display include Ronin Boba Fett, Akazonae Royal Guard and even a Samurai General Darth Vader in Death Star Armor. An assortment of Sand and Stormtroopers—including Foot Soldier and Taikoyaku models—were featured as well.

Aside from the Taikoyaku Stormtrooper and Akazonae Royal Guard figures—which release this June and May, respectively—the rest of Tamashii’s samurai lineup is now available. Prices range from $93 for General Darth Vader down to $80 for the Foot Soldier Stormtrooper. For additional details on Tamashii’s “Movie Realization” figures, head over its official site.

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