New Pokken Tournament Support Characters Revealed

Three pairs of new support Pokemon have been revealed for Pokken Tournament, including Cubone and Diglett, Magneton and Quagsire, and Espeon and Umbreon.

Additionally, a few new details about the game, as well as a fresh batch of new screenshots have been revealed, courtesy of Serebii. Check out the gallery below for a closer look at the new support characters, as well as several new screens.

As a support character, Cubone uses its Bonemerang for a long range attack, while Diglett can use Dig to aid in landing combos. Magneton can lower the opponent’s speed with a Tri Attack, and Quagsire’s Mud Bomb serves as a solid way to damage foes using guard. Finally, Espeon can use Morning Sun to heal status effects and restore HP, and Umbreon can Snarl, preventing the opposition from landing a critical hit.

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