All Hell Is About to Break Loose on The Magicians

Full spoilers for The Magicians continue below.

There’s a problem around every turn on The Magicians right now. The Hedgewitches have it out for the magicians at Brakebills. None of the main characters have any strong grasp of their powers or the range of their abilities. To make matters worse, The Beast is off torturing people in Fillory, which is a real place. And all this within the series’ first five episode.

If you’re surprised by the breakneck speed of the Syfy series, star Arjun Gupta wants you to know that things are about to get even more crazy. Gupta, who plays Penny, got on the phone with me to talk about what that big reveal of The Beast at the end of “Mendings, Major and Minor” means for the show, how the next episode is going to mark a big shift and why he thinks his version of Penny isn’t that big a change from the character in Lev Grossman’s novel.

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