Destiny Toys Are Coming, See Them Here

Bungie’s Destiny franchise is joining the toy market. The Mattel-owned Mega Bloks has announced that it’s producing a line of physical toys based on the sci-fi shooter series.

The new Destiny construction sets will debut in 2016. According to an announcement on the Mega Bloks website, the product line will include the company’s “most detailed micro action figure yet,” as well as “iconic new vehicles and scenes” from the game.

“Gamers and construction fans alike will be able to build their own vision of Destiny’s legendary universe– making the game come alive through construction for the first time ever!” Mega Bloks said.

You can see more of the new Destiny Mega Bloks in the video above, shot by FamilyGamerTV this past weekend at the New York Toy Fair. The show also brought news of a Witcher figure line and more.

Destiny is not Mega Bloks’ first gaming franchise. The toy company also has construction sets for brands like Halo, Assassin’s Creed, and Call of Duty.

In other Destiny news, Activision has announced that a “large” Destiny expansion is coming this year, while a sequel will launch in 2017.

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