Suck Less at Street Fighter 5

With every new fighting game release comes a wave of new players, most of whom claim that they suck at fighting games. But we don’t want that to be your experience with Street Fighter 5, so we’ve put together this short list of basic tips to help you improve your fundamentals. Check out the video above for visual references to all five. They won’t make you an expert, but they will help you stop mashing, and start playing. Enjoy!

…or at least jump a lot less. Jumping is a bad idea in Street Fighter. It locks you into moving in a pre-set arc, limits your offensive options, and eliminates all your defensive ones. You’re basically asking to be tagged with an anti-air attack, giving free damage away to your opponent. Also keep inmind that players tend to jump when they feel that they’re losing the ground game, so be sure to have your best anti-air ready, like Ryu’s crouching heavy punch, when your opponent starts recklessly taking to the skies. By doing this, you’ll take fewer senseless hits over the course of a match, and pick up a few free ones for yourself.

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