The Division Now Lets You Play With Your Eyes

I’m in cover as a squad of faceless goons begin shooting at me in the faithful recreation of Manhattan in The Division. I look to the right to look for cover to move to. A green button appears instantly behind the desk I’m looking at and I press “A” on my gamepad and automatically take cover. This all took place within a second, made possible by Tobii’s eye tracking technology.

If I was playing The Division with a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad, I would have to manipulate the camera just right to get the auto-snapping cover system to work. With eye tracking, the cover system feels fluid, natural, and quick. The eye tracking also allowed the mini-map and other HUD elements to turn transparent when I wasn’t looking at them, which helped me see more of the environment. Aiming is also assisted with eye tracking by helping you aim approximately where you’re looking. You’ll still need to make fine adjustments to aim so it’s not as easy as looking and shooting. I was surprised at how well it all worked and how intuitive it felt.

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