Fabulous Beasts dev Sensible Object teams up with Yogcast

Fabulous Beasts dev Sensible Object teams up with Yogcast

The indie creator behind digital-physical effort Fabulous Beasts has inked a deal with highly popular YouTubers Yogscast.

As part of the collaboration, Sensible Object will include a model of Yogscast member Duncan Jones in a special ‘Yogscast Edition’ of the title, which is available through Fabulous Beasts’ Kickstarter page for £65.

Tying in with the zoological theme of the Jenga-esque game, which sees players working together to construct a tower out of abstract animal figurines, Jones will lend his appearance to the face of the LalnaLion artefact.

The lion-like character will be fully playable in the main game, and will also include exclusive artwork.

Fabulous Beasts’ crowdfunding drive ends on February 25th and is looking for £150,000 in pledges. At the time of writing, the amount raised stands at just over £134,000.

Should it be successfully funded, Fabulous Beasts is slated for a release on iOS and Android in November of this year.

“We’re so excited to team up with our new friends at the Yogscast,” said Sensible Object founder Alex Fleetwood.

“When we first took Fabulous Beasts to their studio we had no idea what they’d think, but they immediately took to it. Then Duncan announced he’d like to be a lion in the game, and, well, it kind of snowballed from there.”

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