Minecraft Getting Loot Crate-Like Gear Delivery Service

Want Minecraft gear delivered to your door every month? Mojang has announced a new offering that does just that. Mine Chest, as it’s being called, is a new, Loot Crate-like subscription service that costs $30/month, plus taxes and $7 in shipping and handling.

Here’s how it works, from its website: “Each month a care package of Minecraft collectibles is sourced from an in-game location and shipped straight to your front door through a special portal. Who doesn’t love to get packages? Especially from places as far away as the Jungles, Frozen Plains, and even the Nether.”

The first Mine Chest will ship in May. If you order before the end of February, you’ll get the “extremely limited” Mine Chest Beta version, which will include items that “explore the beginnings of Minecraft,” though none were named outright.

Regular Mine Chests will include a t-shirt every month, as well as other Minecraft toys, collectibles, and DIY crafting recipes. Mojang also notes that even the Mine Chest box delivered to your door can be “transformed into something new and fun.”

Right now, Mine Chest is available only in the United States, but Mojang said it is “working on a grand plan” to offer the service across the world.

For more on Mine Chest and to place an order, head to the subscription service’s website here.

Microsoft acquired the Minecraft franchise and Mojang in 2014 for the price of $2.5 billion. Creator Markus “Notch” Persson, who held a reported 70 percent stake in Mojang, left the company. He has since purchased a $70 million Beverly Hills mansion, outbidding Jay-Z and Beyonce for the property.

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