Epic’s Bullet Train is the VR-Version of a Rad Arcade Shooter

The scant 10 minutes I spent with Epic’s Bullet Train, a rad Oculus Touch shooter, brought back tons of fond memories of dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars in quarters spent at my local arcade. At its core, Bullet Train is a VR, touch-based shooting gallery. But in providing a relatively-simple concept, incorporating some incredibly-responsive technology, and stripping away all of the fat, it delivered a lean, exciting experience.

Yes, the demo had me zipping across a train platform, grabbing various firearms, and blowing away waves of enemies. That’s nothing new to anyone who’s played a shooter in the past decade or two. But it’s the smart way that everything came together in an intuitive manner that made Bullet Train stand out to me as one of the most entertaining VR demos I’ve had yet.

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