Mark Hamill, Robert Englund To Star in Master of Orion Reboot

WG Labs has announced a celebrity voice cast list for upcoming reboot of Master of Orion.

Star Wars’ Mark Hamill will be joined by Alan Tudyk (Firefly), Michael Dorn (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Kat Cressida (Haunted Mansion), John de Lancie (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), John Kassir (Tales from the Crypt), and Dwight Schultz (Babylon 5, The A-Team).

The cast is further complemented by seasoned video game voice artists Troy Baker (Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us) and Nolan North (Destiny, Uncharted).

“The original Master of Orion captured the hearts of gamers with solid gameplay and a rich, diverse universe where every choice makes a difference,” said Chris Keeling, director of product vision at WG Labs. “Having some of the most iconic science fiction, horror and video game voice talent lending their skills to the game only helps us realize this amazing universe in even more exciting ways.”

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