Geoff Johns Likens DC’s Rebirth to Star Wars

With the cat finally out of the bag as far as DC Rebirth is concerned, DC Chief Creative Officer spoke to Comic Book Resources about the motivation behind this massive comic book relaunch and how it’ll reshape the DC Universe moving forward.

First, CBR posted the video message Johns recorded for comic books retailers attending the ComicsPRO convention today. Check it out below:

In his interview with CBR, Johns was candid about what he sees as some of the mistakes that have been made in recent years and his desire to build the DCU into something bigger. “I’ve been a fan for years — I have over 60,000 comics and 99 percent of them are DC Comics. I really see this as an opportunity, and like I’ve said before, take all the characters and thematics that we love — from the past and the present — and build a story that brought them all together, revealed new secrets and truths and mysteries, and moved it all ahead. Again, as someone who absolutely loves the DC Universe, to me it’s maybe lost some things. Not only characters, but more intangibles. Some essence to what makes the ‘DC Universe’ unique and brilliant and unpredictable. And every single character matters — from Batman to Cassandra Cain to John Stewart to Saturn Girl to Blue Beetle to Lois Lane– everyone is someone’s favorite. And in comics, anything’s possible.”

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