Homefront: The Revolution – the game that would not die

Nottingham-based developer Dambuster Studios didn’t just survive the collapse of two publishers – it made a better shooter in the process

The next time you’re trying to perform a complex task while some annoying distraction scuppers your efforts, spare a thought for Dambuster Studios. In the process of making Homefront: The Revolution, the Nottingham-based developer was forced to weather the loss of not one but two publishers due to financial difficulties – an unusual occurrence even in the high-risk world of videogames.

The game this embattled team is making will be the sequel to 2011 first-person shooter Homefront, which depicts a near-future US invaded and occupied by the Greater Korean Republic (you never know: with North Korea testing missiles and Donald Trump riding high in US polls, it could prove prophetic). Set in 2029, this follow-up presents a fully open-world, as opposed to the single-path of its predecessor, and, fascinatingly, some of its key new features come from that unfeasibly difficult conception.

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