The Division Servers Back Online With These Changes

The Division‘s servers were offline last night for a period of time, but everything should now be back to normal, Ubisoft reported on Twitter this morning. As part of the server restart today, March 12, Ubisoft also implemented a few changes related to the Dark Zone and balancing for experience gain and drop rates.

Among other things, today’s patch disables “Trained Talent” because it could provide an unfair advantage. You can see the complete March 12 patch notes below.

The Division March 12 Update Notes:

As written by Ubisoft

  • Disabled “Trained Talent” as it could give an unfair advantage in end-game content and in the Dark Zone. Note: this Talent will still be visible on weapons but will have no effect until a further update where it will be replaced on existing weapons
  • General balancing of experience gain and drop rates for items and currency

The Division arrived on March 8 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It was a quick success, becoming Ubisoft’s fastest-selling game in the company’s history.

Our full review is not yet ready, but you can read the latest update to our review-in-progress here. Additionally, a graphics comparison video can be seen in the video embedded above.

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