New Hearthstone Cards Revealed for Whispers of the Old Gods Expansion [Update 1]

Blizzard has revealed the first eight new cards in Hearthstone‘s upcoming expansion, called Whispers of the Old Gods.

Among them are corrupted versions of classic cards such as Loot Hoarder and Doomsayer–the latter of which is a uniquely part-time 7/7 for five mana. You can see images of the first eight below.

Possibly the biggest game-changer is the Eater of Secrets, a four-mana 2/4 that destroys all secrets and gets buffed 1/1 for each one. It singlehandedly threatens to eliminate Paladin Secret decks.

The theme of Hearthstone’s third expansion is ancient, god-like evils awakening from their slumber, and four legendary cards will be introduced to carry this theme. One that has already been revealed is C’Thun, a ten-mana 6/6 with a unique battlecry that can be buffed before it is deployed by using other cards. Hearthstone designer Ben Brode says there are 16 new cards that interact with C’Thun in some way; the first two are shown in the gallery below.

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Whispers of the Old Gods is set to launch late April or early May. It will arrive along with bigger changes to Hearthstone, with the popular collectable digital card game introducing a new Standard mode that phases out older expansions.

Some 134 new cards will arrive with the Old Gods expansion. Blizzard will showcase them all before its release date.

Update 1:

Two new cards have emerged online. The first is an Epic rarity Hunter card, called Giant Sandworm. This eight-mana 8/8 Beast can continually attack minions providing each hit is a kill.

Image: Hearthpwn

The second was first revealed in China and has since been translated to English. It’s a Neutral seven-mana Legendary called Hogger, Doom of Elwynn. This 6/6 minion will summon a 2/2 Gnoll each time it is attacked.

Image: Hearthpwn

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