Xbox Boss Would “Love” to See New Xbox MLB Game

Ever since 2K Sports canceled its MLB 2K series in 2014, Xbox fans looking for a licensed MLB game have only had one option–the RBI Baseball series–while Sony fans continue to get that franchise and new installments in The Show series. It doesn’t look like this will change anytime soon, but Xbox fans may be happy to learn Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has spoken up to say he would “love” to see another pro baseball game on Xbox someday.

“Some of us have been begging for a true MLB game for years and fallen on deaf ears,” one person on Twitter wrote to Spencer recently. The executive dismissed the idea that Microsoft hasn’t heard these suggestions and went on to say a third-party game would be something Microsoft would support (tweets below).

2K’s MLB 2K series–which was released on Xbox and PlayStation systems–did not go out on a strong note. MLB 2K13, the final entry in the series after 2K terminated its licensing deal with MLB, was critically panned for being essentially the same game as its predecessor, featuring only roster updates.

The multiplatform RBI Baseball series, meanwhile, was revived in 2014, giving Xbox fans something to play. However, RBI Baseball is an arcade-style take on the sport, not the simulation-like experience some were looking for.

@MeGaX Hasn’t fallen on deaf ears, I’d love a great 3P baseball game, we’d support it.

— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) March 11, 2016

There is indeed some level of interest in the Xbox community for bringing an authentic MLB game to Xbox. Several pages on the Xbox Feedback website call for such a game, though they don’t appear to be gathering much steam. One of the suggestions is titled “A New MLB Game,” and it calls for an MLB game on par with Sony’s The Show series for Xbox One. It has amassed more than 350 votes.

This relatively low figure doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the idea that such a game would happen. With 2K Sports no longer interested in pursuing an MLB licensing deal, it is unclear who would step up to the plate to take over.

As it stands, Xbox fans will only have RBI Baseball 16 this year, while PlayStation owners can pick up that game and MLB The Show 16. Both are due to arrive in April with the start of the real-world 2016 MLB season.

If you don’t care about seeing officially licensed players and stadiums, there is always Super Mega Baseball. This arcade-style baseball game is available on both Xbox One and PS4.

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