2Dark Charges You With Saving Kids From Serial Killers

The year is 1978. Children are going missing. Taken from their homes in the macabre, unwelcoming town of Gloomywood. As Mr. Smith, the dower, tortured unlikely hero of 2Dark, you’re driven to find these kids, and save them from a collection of disturbing serial killers by infiltrating the creepy derelict locales that make up each level of 2Dark.

And I learned first hand just how dark 2Dark can be during the 5th Annual GDC Indie Mix hosted by IGN. The opening prologue flashes back to a black-and-white scene of Mr. Smith and his happy family.

In an instant, he hears the screams of his loved ones, chasing them into the dark woods to find his wife in pieces and the faces of his children staring back at him through the red-tinged rear window of a van.

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