New GTA 5 Online Car Customization Options Out Now

Grand Theft Auto V got a new update today that introduces a number of new customization options for three cars (listed below) available from the in-game Benny’s Original Motor Works shop.

You can now order new cars and then deck them out with new flair to make them become the Faction Custom Donk, Slamvan Custom, and Virgo Classic Custom. Images of these new custom cars are available above, while reports on Twitter suggest the update also comes with new guns and maybe more.

Presumably, Rockstar will make a further announcement today about the new update. Keep checking back with GameSpot to learn more.

GTA Online is free, but players have the option of spending real-world money for virtual items. Recently, Take-Two president Karl Slatoff explained the company’s take on microtransactions.

“When you put up roadblocks, and that’s how you monetize–that might work in a casual context, that sort of repetitive, addictive-type behavior–but we don’t believe it works at all and doesn’t really have a place in the context or core gaming,” Slatoff said. “So you have have to enable people to enjoy and play the game and content that you offer to them is either enhances that gameplay experience but is not necessarily required to enjoy the game. It enhances it and it enhances it in a meaningful way.”

In other news about GTA V, the Take-Two vs. Lindsay Lohan lawsuit is moving forward and has gotten ugly.

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