Nvidia’s New Driver Causing More Problems

Nvidia has released a new driver for its line of GeForce PC graphics cards. Update 364.51 was intended to remedy issues caused by its predecessor, but instead reports indicate these issues have persisted and, in some cases, worsened.

Users on Nvidia’s Geforce forums have complained the latest update is causing drops in framerate, inconsistencies with refresh rates, freezing, and failure to start games, among other issues. Similar problems have been reported by users on the Nvidia sub-Reddit.

As of yet, Nividia has not removed the update from distribution, as it did with update 364.47. Those that may have already installed it already can use a display driver uninstaller such as this one to remove it and install a stable driver. Update 362.00 was the last one with no reported problems and is available here.

Following the problems with its last driver release, which coincided with the launch of Ubisoft’s The Division, Nvidia released a guide that could be used to improve performance. This is achieved by tweaking settings across 25 separate fields, including texture quality, anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, anisotropic filtering, and object detail.

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