PlayStation VR Bundle With Camera and Controller Confirmed

The $400 PlayStation VR headset requires a PlayStation Camera for use, but it is not included with the base package. Fans may be happy to learn, then, that Sony will offer a bundle in North America that comes with the headset, as well as the Camera and a Move controller.

“There will be a bundle in the SCEA region [North America] with Move and a Camera,” a PlayStation representative told TechInsider.

The spokesperson did not provide a price for the PlayStation VR bundle. The Camera itself goes for $60, while Move controllers typically sell for for $50. Certain PlayStation VR games require two controllers. Alternatively, PlayStation VR works with DualShock 4 controllers, though they of course are limited in functionality compared to Move.

Asked why Sony did not elect to include a Camera with every PlayStation VR unit, PlayStation president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida offered the following explanation.

“We didn’t put it in because many people already own it,” Yoshida said. He didn’t share any specifics, but said “a large enough number of people” already have a Camera.

Separately, a Sony rep told GameSpot nothing has been confirmed regarding a bundle for the United Kingdom. It remains to be seen if Sony will also offer a bundle that comes with a PlayStation 4 console, which powers PlayStation VR, and everything you need to use the virtual reality device.

As announced during a Game Developers Conference event this week, PlayStation VR goes on sale in October. For a closer look at the device, check out this image gallery. You can also see a list of all 230-plus developers currently working on PlayStation VR here.

Keep checking back with GameSpot this week for more on PlayStation VR.

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