Watch Deadpool Movie Come to Life Using the Magic of Special Effects

Everyone knows that digital effects are widely used in movies these days, but it is still surprising to see just how much of the biggest films are created on a computer. A new VFX reel for the recent superhero smash Deadpool showcases some of its incredible digital artistry–check it out below:

Although Deadpool was Tim Miller’s first film as director, he previously worked as a visual effects artist on a number of high profile movies, including Thor: the Dark World, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Last month, Miller spoke about the struggle to get the R-rated film financed, and how the leaking of some test effects footage in 2014 eventually led to the movie being greenlit. “I had just gotten home from the train station from San Diego,” he told EW. “And my phone blows up with Google alerts about Deadpool and I see the test had leaked. And I was horrified.

“I immediately wrote Fox an email and said ‘I swear on my daughter’s life I didn’t leak this test.’ But within two months we were greenlit.”

To date, Deadpool has made more than $708 million at the global box office from a modest $58 million budget. Domestically, the film has grossed over $328 million, which puts it ahead of the likes of Man of Steel and Iron Man.

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