New Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Image Released

Bethesda Game Studios has shared a new image from Fallout 4‘s upcoming Automatron expansion. Released on Facebook, the screenshot showcases Ada, one of the expansion’s robot companions. Ada, along with Automatron’s other robots, can be customized, Bethesda mentioned in its announcement.

Automatron is scheduled to arrive on March 22 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It is the first of the game’s three announced add-ons, with Wasteland Workshop (April) and Far Harbor (May) coming later.

The DLC centers on a character called the Mechanist who has unleashed a horde of malevolent robots into the Commonwealth. Players will be able to hunt down robots and harvest parts to build their own custom robot companions. A new trailer was released this week and you can check it out below.

For more on Automatron, you can check out the expansion’s achievements and achievement images here. You can get all three expansions through the Fallout 4 DLC pass, which recently increased in price to $50.

Fallout 4 first launched in November last year. Interest in the game is evidently still strong, as it was one of the top ten titles to be sold at retailers in the United States for the month of February.

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