Pacific Rim Mech Recreated in Destruction-Filled Game Besiege

One Besiege player has taken it upon themselves to recreate the Pacific Rim Jaeger, Gipsy Danger, in the physics-based building game. You can watch a video of the mech in action below.

YouTuber Dawn-Shade posted a video of Drako’s creation to their channel. Although Dawn-Shade did not create the Jaeger, they did design the helicopters (aka V-50 Jumphawk) used to transport the giant mech.

“Del Toro managed to carry Gipsy Danger, a 1.980 tons with eight fictional aircraft called V-50 Jumphawks with steel cables,” they said in the video’s description. “I managed to carry Drako’s Gipsy Danger with only two Jumphawks with simple ropes in Besiege.”

If you want to check out the creations in the video above, follow the links in the list below:

In other Pacific Rim-related news, the fate of Pacific Rim 2 has been in question for a while now with reports of it being shelved and landing a new director last month.

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